Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hi all!

So I finally caved and decided to get a blog. I have many things to talk about on my mind but I think for now, I'll try to keep it to why I named my blog what I did and what I wish this little piece of the internet universe to be. Hope I can stay on topic.

When I was little(er) I always dreamed of having a business named the Multi-Fantasy Enterprise. I didn't know what it did exactly, I would just show up and have a blast and something great would come out of it. The sky was the limit, it was right there in the name! It's a place to create/do several things you dream up all under the same roof. You have to know I'm heavily influenced by Disney and would not have it any other way.
Not much has changed since those days, I still fill my days with coloring, playing, traveling, taking pictures and Disney everything! I just can't choose one single thing from all that I love, and do only that. I have many interests and passions and as I re-embark (post cancer) on this journey of growing, mark that it's not the same as "growing up," I figured I could start creating my Multi-Fantasy dream. So I created this blog with the intent to encompass everything in my life, not just one thing :)
Now the hummingbird part comes into play as my symbol. It is my animal representation. If you know about hummingbirds you know they stand for joy, creativity and freedom and they actually die if you cage them. Plus they go from flower to flower hardly ever stopping, like me! It is also a play on my name. (More about that can be found in my bio, on my art portfolio page

As for my intent with this, well having been bullied, been through stage 4 cancer, never fitting in, having had eating disorders, etc. Never growing up and just in general dancing to the beat of my own drum through life, while being VERY Spiritual but not religiously affiliated to anything, I realized there is a need for more safe spaces to just be yourself and share your experiences without judgement or expectation of what "normal" looks like, or restrictions based on what the system dictates your age to be and spirituality to look like, and after visiting sites like , and of course my awesome friends over at one of the most loving, inclusive communities , I decided to join the wagon and spread some Light and hopefully inspiration and entertainment through my Soul journey. Because even after everything I've been through, my life is beautiful and perfect and I want you to feel the same way about yours! At the end of the day we are all connected and it feels good to stumble upon something that makes us realize we're not alone or we're not the only "weird" ones :)

This is just the beginning of the year and there's a lot of beauty to create, Light to share and multiple fantasies to fulfill ;) Shine your unique self into the world and don't let anybody take away from your dreams. I can't wait to share my year with you guys and see what comes out of this! Please feel free to share your own comments and journeys here as well, or send me links to your own blogs <3

Hope you're new year is starting with the wonderful energy of love and possibilities. And Thank you for being part of my new creative experiment!

Love and Light,

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