Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day

Animal Kingdom opened Earth Day 1998

It's Earth Day!
I know everyday should be Earth Day and we should strive everyday to do our best for our planet, the animals and our ecosystems, even if only for the selfish reason that otherwise we won't have a place to live anymore! But just as it's always nice to have one day to honor our existence, I think it's nice to have a specific day to honor Earth πŸ’œ

I think I mentioned before that at home we always recycle. I'm super proud to live in a green town where recycling is mandatory and we even have fun town events made to clean up our beaches and turn harmful plastic bags into art among other things. I also try to save as much water as possible, eat only vegan and organic and make sure to to not leave electronics/lights on when I'm not using them. Those are my every day things but I always like to do something on Earth Day to acknowledge the day.
This year I'm going to celebrate at a local forest reconnecting with nature and exchanging healing energy with it, as well as honoring life in my very favorite way, capturing it on pictures. Later I'm planning to see Disney's Nature Born in China. It's such a simple and relaxing activity that doesn't seem to matter, but as long as we see the movie on opening week donations from the each ticket go to support conservation funds! So go check out the movie, who doesn't want to see a baby panda roll down a mini hill?! And then you can feel good knowing your ticket helped save little cuties like the ones in the movie!

Speaking of pandas, you can join the WWF Panda Nation to start your own fundraiser in fun ways like walking or running with your pet, be part of a team or set up a birthday/celebration fund in your name and instead of receiving gifts, you raise money for your favorite endangered species!
Next weekend there will also be a march for climate you can learn more about here
Or you can apply to become a panda ambassador here
If becoming actively involved is not your thing there are still little things you can do in your everyday life that will help the earth, yourself and possibly your wallet in the long run.
- Walk or bike to places more often.
- Group as many of your errands as possible to same areas to avoid several car trips back and forth.
- Switch to energy efficient light bulbs, they might be more expensive up front but last forever and your electric bill will go down.
- Ditch the polluting and hazardous plastic bags and bring your own cute reusable bags when shopping.
- Drink tap/filtered water to avoid plastic bottles, but if you can't then remember to ALWAYS recycle them responsibly. If your town doesn't recycle, a lot of large grocery stores do it for free, you can bring your recyclable trash to Target, Whole foods and Stop and Shop, or google your local chains that offer recycling bins. No need for the hassle of driving to a plant and having to pay to be green πŸ˜‰ 
- Compost when you can.
- Don't buy more food that you can eat, who wants to throw food and money away?
- Switch to rechargeable batteries and dispose of regular batteries at responsible places like or similar, don't throw them away with your regular trash.
- Try buying sustainable or recyclable only household products.
- Try minimizing your animal-based consumption in your diet. Animals are friends not food.
And here's the surprise one that no one mentions but it does make a difference:
If you are an energy healer of any sort send healing to the planet and the animals,  if you aren't prayers and good vibes whenever you can remember work too! Also, if you're having a bad day, you're in pain or in general feel any bad vibes in your body or energy field, let them go into the Earth or a nearby tree, set the intention of having whatever is bothering you leave your life for good and give it up to nature with the intention of that energy being transmuted into the Highest and Best. It's like composting for your energy!

Hope everyone has a happy Earth Day and that even if it's just watering a plant outside your home we all do something to help our planet feel loved after all it does for us. Don't take it for granted! I know a friend that is more science-inclined and is attending a science rally for those areas of science that do care about our future and what happens to our planet, some people in town are holding an energy circle to send healing to the planet, another friend sent her potted trees to be plated out where they have space and benefit everyone and a couple of other friends have been working on personal gardens to help out pollinators, kudos to them honestly, I'm so terrified of bugs I could never do something like that, but it comes to show that whatever your interests are there is something out there you could do and enjoy that will help our home planet, even shopping! Check these awesome people that channel their art and creativity into upcycled wonders that help our planetπŸ˜ƒ


Love and Light

Monday, April 17, 2017

The New Year Trip Recap (Part 1)

Finally sitting here to recap my latest long trip! I’ve decided to break it into small installments  focusing on the highlights or it’ll be too much and would end up being a novella lol. So part one is all about the first week of the adventure. Road tripping down to FL before a week long Caribbean cruise to ring in the new year!

We (my mom and I and my travel bears hehe) set out right on Xmas eve. We had our little dinner and gift exchange celebration the night before and on Dec 24 we packed the rental car, my mom prepared a special festive dinner and snacks for the road and we left home towards Albany. There is not a lot to do/see on Xmas eve and Xmas day since everything is closed! But, we did find out about this holiday light show they put on for cars to drive by in Albany which was perfect, festive, new for us and happening at night! So we didn’t have to leave home too early or rush on our way thereπŸ˜€ The lights were fun although the "trail" was too short in my opinion πŸ™and we were a bit disappointed that there was nothing else to see that night after the car excited the loop of lights. But we had fun anyway πŸ˜ƒ and I was grateful there was at least something to do that offered photo ops haha.

The next day after opening gifts from Santa (New 3DS thank you!!) We headed towards what we thought was our next stop in NJ, but as it turned out the only thing to do that day somewhat in the area-ish was in Brookline... So back to New York we went to finally check out a movie-like neighborhood covered in holiday lights and displays! It was so fun and a good walk, much needed after two days in the car. Plus I've always wanted to see one of those neighborhoods that go all out and only seem to exist in my screens 😜

The day after was a longer drive down to Baltimore both on miles and traffic. Who would have thought traffic could be so bad the day after Xmas! We were so bored moving at like 10mph, we ended up just pulling into Delaware’s visitor center while the traffic cleared a bit. The unscheduled stop and crazy traffic made our Baltimore arrival a really late one (for normal business hrs that is.) So we just had time to check Ripley’s Odditorium on the harbor and have dinner in the same area. It’s such a fun area that it was worth it anyway. And we learnt about Baltimore’s own Nessie-like legend, Chessie the Sea Monster πŸ˜†

We had about 24hrs or so in Baltimore, so next morning, by googling what we wanted to do (apparently google suggest self-tours with all its routes for you, who knew?) we modge-podged our own "tours" to see as much as possible, even if it was just driving through to take a picture on some spots. We had fun, but if you’re not going shopping or have time to go to the museums, a big city has just so much appeal before it's just another city... The best area was definitely the harbor and we found out as we were leaving they had little Chessie boats to explore the bay, just for that I’d like to go back. 
The one museum we did get to see was the Geppi's museum which is all pop culture and had a lot of Disney history and a special exhibit on Alice in Wonderland! It was so fun to get to see comics, toys and random items from every decade!! I wanted all the disney ones!!! Especially the 50s ones, why don’t we have cool toys like that anymore? 😞

Next stop was Richmond VA, and since we only had that day for it and in previous years we had already done the city, we decided to explore new areas which landed us in the Maymont gardens and mansion. It was gorgeous and very much needed. The weather was fantastic, there were animals and lost of nature all around to walk and reconnect with, and the mansion has Italian and Japanese gardens, which I can only imagine how they must look during any other season. Also if you plan your visit in advance you can get tickets to see the inside of the mansion just as it was in the 1800s πŸ˜€ So fun! As it was, it was tourists season and so crowded we only got to check out the servants quarters, but even that was impressive and fun. I love seeing old timey stuff hehe. We spent the first half of our VA day there. After Maymont, looking for something photography-worth it and still in the festive spirit we went to the Lewis Ginter Botanical garden and OMG! It’s the best botanical garden I’ve been to, at least the way they dressed it up for the holidays made me like it better than the NY(Bronx) one, it’s ranked 4th in the country and now I NEED to go find the first three. It was amazing! We went at night for their special holiday lights display, but having just done something similar in Boston before the trip I could see the huge contrast and just wow! 

After the botanical garden closed we were on our way to somewhere in SC lol, that was just a sleep stop and we spent the whole next day on the road on our way to Savannah. We barely made it to dinner on River Street at what used to be our favorite place there, which is still pretty good, but the fried green tomatoes were much better the last time we were there, and played a little taking pictures around the street, getting the most amazing pralines and stretching our legs. 

The morning of the 30th we went to visit Forsyth park and Wormsloe since we had never given ourselves the time, grabbed breakfast at my new favorite place, a small vegan spot called Sentient Bean and headed down to Cocoa beach for our last night on land! Unfortunately after Savannah the whole day was spent on the road, and had such an early morning the next day and had to re-arrange our luggage deciding what went on the cruise and what stayed, doing our nails for the new year, etc that all I saw of Cocoa beach was the hotel room lol. 

Next morning super early, we took the 20min drive to port canaveral to sail away on the Disney Fantasy and straight into 2017πŸ˜ƒ More on that on the next post. 

*For more pictures and random trip details from my traveling bear's perspective you can follow their insta account. If you scroll down enough you'll see the trip day to day. If you scroll down to Xmas in Manhattan you've gone too far 😜

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Disney Tag!

So I've been recently tagged by one of my best friends and pen-pal extraordinaire, Jennifer from The Unicorn's Delights, to play Disney tag. Of course instead of setting pen to paper and catch up in all the letters or write the promised posts on travel recap, I'm using this tag as a perfect excuse to keep procrastinating, so enjoy! πŸ˜‡
*Some of these questions are SUPER hard! Lol 

Favorite Character: Donald Duck

Favorite Princess: Ariel

Favorite Heroine: Kim Possible

Favorite Prince: Eric

Favorite Hero: Probably Aladdin... things are starting to get complicated lol

Favorite Animal: See? SO hard! Can I say all of them? If not I guess at the moment I'll go with Figaro
such a cutie!

Favorite Sidekick: Pascal, Pegasus, all cute animals make excellent sidekicks... Lets go with Tink on this one just because I love her hehe.

Favorite Villain: Maleficent and Scar have always been tied
Found this perfect image online :D

Favorite Original Character: Aren't all of them original? I've already said Donald, Tink, Figaro, Kim P, so Marie, Moana, Pua, Simba...Just assume I love them all!

Favorite Love Song: If I Never Knew You from Pocahontas or Love Will Find a Way from Simba's Pride, I think...

Favorite Song: Could these be any harder?! Recently How Far I'll Go and the rest of the Moana soundtrack.

Favorite Villain Song: Scar's Be Prepared or Zira's That's My Lullaby

Least Favorite song: Hellfire from the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Favorite Kiss: Tied between Hercules & Meg, Ariel & Eric or Tiana Naveen

First Movie I Ever Saw: Either Dumbo or The Many Adventure's of Winnie the Pooh, it's all I watched for the first two-ish years of my life πŸ˜ƒ

Favorite Classic: Alice in Wonderland, but really all of them. I love being able to see the pencil lines and hand painted backgrounds, all the art of true animation.

Song That Always Gets Stuck In Your Head: Shiny, It's a Small World, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Tiki Room, there's always something playing in my head, it's hard to identify them all 😜

Favorite Pixar Movie: Ratatouille

Least Favorite Movie: Valiant and/or Good Dinosaur 😞 They're just not up to par with Disney standards and it makes me sad.

Favorite Sequel: Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Overrated Movie: Right now, live action Beauty and the Beast ugh

Underrated Movie: So many! Oliver & Company, Brother Bear, Home on the Range, Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Meet the Robinsons, Tomorrowland...

Movie That Makes You Laugh: All of them, but I guess if I want to watch something and giggle the whole time it has to be the Adventures of Mr Toad!

Movie That Makes You Cry: Most of them, they're so full of emotions! I cry the most with Dumbo when Mrs. Jumbo is in jail though and I have to fast forward that bit before I become a complete mess.

Saddest Scene in Your Favorite Movie: If it's only in my fave movie then when Mufasa dies.

Saddest Death: Bambi’s Mom, Bing Bong and Ray!! 😭

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Theme Park: Tie between Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom in FL. That being said, I haven't been to the Asian ones yet, and I love ALL the Disney Parks.

Favorite Attraction: Expedition Everest and Splash Mountain

Favorite Show: Kim Possible, Lion Guard, Sophia the First, Tangled the Series, Liv and Maddie, Star Darlings and Phineas and Ferb

I Tag: Well since my two Disney friends have already been tagged and the most loyal of Disney fans I know don't have a blog or these kind of posts don't fit into what they write about, I guess I'll leave it open to anyone who wants to play with us. πŸ˜‰ Maybe I'll find some distracted iggles to tag on twitter LOL. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

(Very Belated) 2016 Recap

Coming to write a different post, I found I had this one in my drafts all ready to go but never got published. Wrote in on the go somewhere between Savannah and Cape Canaveral the day before I sailed on my New Year's cruise with my mom, but I lost access to the internet and then totally forgot abut it! Oops...Lol.
So here it is now with some minor editing, even though it is belated I hope you like it πŸ˜‰

Despite what social media seemed to portray, 2016 was such a wonderful year for myself and most people I personally know, filled with love, new beginnings, adventures and learnings. It's been a year so full of life that it'll be hard to see it go but as I literally sail into the new adventure that 2017 will be I thought I'd share some highlights form 2016.

I started the year in the mountains, connecting with Nature and trying out new activities like Snow Shoeing! I also started my freshman year at the school of Earth Medicine and met a new friend at a Spiritual event in town, even though the friendship didn't last the entire year it was still a wonderful sign from the Universe that even though few, there are young people my age that have the same Spiritual approach to life 😊

In February I got my port removed finally closing the cancer/chemo cycle for good! The area hasn't totally healed yet but life is so much better without that metal and silicone pain device in my body! And to make it even better during my birthday celebration back in the mountains, I ran into my chemo  nurse so I was able to thank her and have a proper goodbye since I couldn't go back and see her at the hospital, as just driving by that place makes me nauseous. It was such a nice "full circle" kinda feeling.

March was the month I got represented by an art gallery in Manhattan! And a new chapter for my photography started πŸ˜€ I also got to meet new IGGPPC friends because of the club's birthday celebrations. Finally, by the end of the month and running into April, I got another mini-vacay to VT this time.

April was great since it started on Spring break with one of my uncles, his whole family, my mom and I all together, so I got to play and catch up with my cousin before she finished her senior year of HS and moved to London! It was a very fun break for all of us to bond πŸ’–

May was the calm before the storm, it was a lovely month to celebrate my mom's birthday and get a breather before everything that came with the second half of the year.

June meant the beginning of my summer classes and one of my cousin's destination wedding which not only turned into a hectic, 40hr getaway that was well worth it, as I got to see my siblings(cousins) and a few people I hadn't seen in years, but it turned out I could stay in Orlando on the way back and  see my bff as well as spend time in Disney with my strange-relationship person lol

July was a month of a lot of growth and adventure! Started in DisneyWorld and ended at a Roaring 20's party back home with an intense week of intuition classes on a retreat in upstate NY in the middle! This is where things started feeling like time was picking up speed and lessons were coming at me faster than I could process them! Who would have thought I could jump from 30ft high with just a tiny bar to hold on to?!

August was a trying month, it was so busy and I could not catch my breath but it had great lessons and opportunities for me to practice what I had learnt throughout the year so I'm putting it into the positive column as a month of growth.

September brought the last of my summer classes that despite me not liking them at all, they helped me decide on a lot of things for school on 2017, so they were really helpful after all, and the month also brought lots of beautiful photo opportunities as well as a new book club in town for all ages that meets in one of my favorite places around, a vegan bakery called Jodi Bee Bakes! So even though no new, local lasting friendships have been formed, the opportunity to have some energy exchange with new people has presented in the safest environment for me and I'm grateful for that.

October was Halloween month! That alone is the biggest highlight! Love, Love, Love. I also got some interesting, if painful life lessons that will help me grow stronger and energies shifted with Samhain :)

November, aside from Thanksgiving, had my first ever Manhattan art gallery show as its biggest highlight!

December was an ongoing lesson in Balance between my heart and head, and mind and body. Trying to finish everything I thought I needed to do before the end of the year and listening to my body's needs was tough. As well as trying to discern between all my jumbled thoughts and what really makes me happy. But of course it's biggest highlight was the last week of the month as I was road tripping down to Cape Canaveral! It was such a fun week and a great end of the year.

So, overall, even though like everything else the year had it's obstacles and at moments I felt a bit isolated and anti-social, I managed to see most of my entire blood-family, two out of three of the friends who are soul-family, did not quit on school which is huge for me, have worked on developing a more positive relationship with my body after all it's been through, got completely cleared of anything related to cancer, went on lots of adventures, and even though by the end of the year I was mostly just hanging with one single friend, she is so magical and fun and we get to be 5 and 6 y/o respectively that she is the right company. And before the trip, I did get to touch base and hang out with a few other friends so not bad at all.
The main lessons this past year seem to have been about Trust, Clearing the ego, Flexibility and Boundaries. I haven't "aced" them yet but at least I am aware of what I need to focus on resolving now.

So thank you 2016 for all your beautiful opportunities and lessons and thanks to all the cast of people in my life, whatever your soul contract is with me, whether we're still close or not, my year would not have been what it was if even one of you were missing.

Hope everyone had the best possible start to the new year! And now the most amazing first three months of 2017 πŸ’—

PS- Also it's been a great year for hair!! It started 2016 like on the left and now it's like on the right!!