Friday, March 25, 2016

What Are You Manifesting?

You guys! This month has been intense! Classes have swallowed a huge chunk of my time and trying to juggle homework, going to school, create art and having a social life has sometimes felt impossible. 

When the month started I was running around like crazy trying to get my schedule fully organized, feeling like I needed to plan almost every day in advance. BIG no-no! When did I become that person? First off, I never know what’s gonna happen, no one does, the future is never set in stone, I hate planning more than a week in advance (fantasizing yes, but real planning yuck!) And second, I know better than that. That all consuming illusion of time we humans seem so fond of, is just that, an illusion, a lie, and the best way to make it go faster and work against us is trying to control every second and jam packing our schedules. Wanna make time last what it “should” and have time to enjoy yourself and get everything done? Go with the flow and stay in the present moment!! I know, way easier said than done... Therefore I forgot that lesson this month and was doing what I just said should not be done.
I have to be honest, living the “planned out/structured” life is so exhausting I broke down several times crying, overwhelmed by all these things I had to do. ( My mom was wise enough to point out that other than do my best at school because I chose to and enjoy my life, I didn’t have to do anything. All those extra demands, I was just putting them on myself…Aha!)
Anyway, before I fully processed my mom's message I kept getting flooded by all these low-frequency-emotions of fear, stress, inferiority and constant overwhelm, so what happened next? My apartment flooded! Just what I needed, and of course it happened when my mom was out of town and my friends were sick, injured, in school or working so I had to deal with it by myself! 

It was such an inconvenience! I had to move out for days and days! And all of my art material and school stuff was buried underneath everything else I own in the only dry room, that now looked like an episode of Hoarders. As always there was a lesson here and this happened for good reasons, but it’s hard to listen to the Universe when you feel things are happening TO you. 
After I calmed down and my mom came back that night and rescued me, I allowed myself the time to process things. I had inundated myself with things to do and emotions I wasn't listening to, and therefore I manifested a flood. Since I wasn't stopping long enough to heal my own feelings and listen to the messages of release, the Universe took it upon itself to show in the physical realm what I was feeling. The only way for me to really learn the lesson, stop and declutter emotionally and physically as well as clear my schedule, was by getting me out of the house and forcing me to reorganize things slowly! The Universe is always on top of everything and it IS personal, it just does’t make things happen TO you but FOR you. Once you get out of the victim's mentality you can understand the message clearly and move forward. 

Take a breather, do not feel guilty about being “lazy,” listen to your body and intuition and pay attention to what is it you are manifesting. I remember once when I was worried about money I kept having the thought “I’m hemorrhaging money” running at the back of my mind, again victim’s mentality, and as a drama queen it had a nice ring to it, but what I manifested aside from not having money was a physical and constant nosebleed, eek! 
So before you you keep going on about the negative aspects of life, stop to process your emotions so you don’t get sick and find the lesson in whatever is happening. Be aware of what is it you want to manifest vs what you are actually manifesting. 

On the positive side of thought = manifestation, I kept uploading new photographs to my site this month and thinking something good would come out of it, I started composing a lot of the pictures I took out on my adventures as how I would like them to look in a gallery, just for fun. What did I manifest? A Legitimate gallery in Manhattan contacting me for artistic representation and a show later this year! 
So go around all day thinking that you are beautiful, loved and taken care of. That things will be ok and abundance and love will always be yours. Cuz  the more you think it the more it will manifest! And know that if things seem to be going "wrong" it is a lesson you needed to manifest for your Highest and Best ;)
You can read more examples of manifestations for either your personal and spiritual growth or to fulfill your heart's desires by a great Lightworker, Elizabeth Harper here and here respectively. 

Happy Spring and Love and Light to you all <3

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