Friday, April 7, 2017

(Very Belated) 2016 Recap

Coming to write a different post, I found I had this one in my drafts all ready to go but never got published. Wrote in on the go somewhere between Savannah and Cape Canaveral the day before I sailed on my New Year's cruise with my mom, but I lost access to the internet and then totally forgot abut it! Oops...Lol.
So here it is now with some minor editing, even though it is belated I hope you like it 😉

Despite what social media seemed to portray, 2016 was such a wonderful year for myself and most people I personally know, filled with love, new beginnings, adventures and learnings. It's been a year so full of life that it'll be hard to see it go but as I literally sail into the new adventure that 2017 will be I thought I'd share some highlights form 2016.

I started the year in the mountains, connecting with Nature and trying out new activities like Snow Shoeing! I also started my freshman year at the school of Earth Medicine and met a new friend at a Spiritual event in town, even though the friendship didn't last the entire year it was still a wonderful sign from the Universe that even though few, there are young people my age that have the same Spiritual approach to life 😊

In February I got my port removed finally closing the cancer/chemo cycle for good! The area hasn't totally healed yet but life is so much better without that metal and silicone pain device in my body! And to make it even better during my birthday celebration back in the mountains, I ran into my chemo  nurse so I was able to thank her and have a proper goodbye since I couldn't go back and see her at the hospital, as just driving by that place makes me nauseous. It was such a nice "full circle" kinda feeling.

March was the month I got represented by an art gallery in Manhattan! And a new chapter for my photography started 😀 I also got to meet new IGGPPC friends because of the club's birthday celebrations. Finally, by the end of the month and running into April, I got another mini-vacay to VT this time.

April was great since it started on Spring break with one of my uncles, his whole family, my mom and I all together, so I got to play and catch up with my cousin before she finished her senior year of HS and moved to London! It was a very fun break for all of us to bond 💖

May was the calm before the storm, it was a lovely month to celebrate my mom's birthday and get a breather before everything that came with the second half of the year.

June meant the beginning of my summer classes and one of my cousin's destination wedding which not only turned into a hectic, 40hr getaway that was well worth it, as I got to see my siblings(cousins) and a few people I hadn't seen in years, but it turned out I could stay in Orlando on the way back and  see my bff as well as spend time in Disney with my strange-relationship person lol

July was a month of a lot of growth and adventure! Started in DisneyWorld and ended at a Roaring 20's party back home with an intense week of intuition classes on a retreat in upstate NY in the middle! This is where things started feeling like time was picking up speed and lessons were coming at me faster than I could process them! Who would have thought I could jump from 30ft high with just a tiny bar to hold on to?!

August was a trying month, it was so busy and I could not catch my breath but it had great lessons and opportunities for me to practice what I had learnt throughout the year so I'm putting it into the positive column as a month of growth.

September brought the last of my summer classes that despite me not liking them at all, they helped me decide on a lot of things for school on 2017, so they were really helpful after all, and the month also brought lots of beautiful photo opportunities as well as a new book club in town for all ages that meets in one of my favorite places around, a vegan bakery called Jodi Bee Bakes! So even though no new, local lasting friendships have been formed, the opportunity to have some energy exchange with new people has presented in the safest environment for me and I'm grateful for that.

October was Halloween month! That alone is the biggest highlight! Love, Love, Love. I also got some interesting, if painful life lessons that will help me grow stronger and energies shifted with Samhain :)

November, aside from Thanksgiving, had my first ever Manhattan art gallery show as its biggest highlight!

December was an ongoing lesson in Balance between my heart and head, and mind and body. Trying to finish everything I thought I needed to do before the end of the year and listening to my body's needs was tough. As well as trying to discern between all my jumbled thoughts and what really makes me happy. But of course it's biggest highlight was the last week of the month as I was road tripping down to Cape Canaveral! It was such a fun week and a great end of the year.

So, overall, even though like everything else the year had it's obstacles and at moments I felt a bit isolated and anti-social, I managed to see most of my entire blood-family, two out of three of the friends who are soul-family, did not quit on school which is huge for me, have worked on developing a more positive relationship with my body after all it's been through, got completely cleared of anything related to cancer, went on lots of adventures, and even though by the end of the year I was mostly just hanging with one single friend, she is so magical and fun and we get to be 5 and 6 y/o respectively that she is the right company. And before the trip, I did get to touch base and hang out with a few other friends so not bad at all.
The main lessons this past year seem to have been about Trust, Clearing the ego, Flexibility and Boundaries. I haven't "aced" them yet but at least I am aware of what I need to focus on resolving now.

So thank you 2016 for all your beautiful opportunities and lessons and thanks to all the cast of people in my life, whatever your soul contract is with me, whether we're still close or not, my year would not have been what it was if even one of you were missing.

Hope everyone had the best possible start to the new year! And now the most amazing first three months of 2017 💗

PS- Also it's been a great year for hair!! It started 2016 like on the left and now it's like on the right!!

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