Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day

Animal Kingdom opened Earth Day 1998

It's Earth Day!
I know everyday should be Earth Day and we should strive everyday to do our best for our planet, the animals and our ecosystems, even if only for the selfish reason that otherwise we won't have a place to live anymore! But just as it's always nice to have one day to honor our existence, I think it's nice to have a specific day to honor Earth πŸ’œ

I think I mentioned before that at home we always recycle. I'm super proud to live in a green town where recycling is mandatory and we even have fun town events made to clean up our beaches and turn harmful plastic bags into art among other things. I also try to save as much water as possible, eat only vegan and organic and make sure to to not leave electronics/lights on when I'm not using them. Those are my every day things but I always like to do something on Earth Day to acknowledge the day.
This year I'm going to celebrate at a local forest reconnecting with nature and exchanging healing energy with it, as well as honoring life in my very favorite way, capturing it on pictures. Later I'm planning to see Disney's Nature Born in China. It's such a simple and relaxing activity that doesn't seem to matter, but as long as we see the movie on opening week donations from the each ticket go to support conservation funds! So go check out the movie, who doesn't want to see a baby panda roll down a mini hill?! And then you can feel good knowing your ticket helped save little cuties like the ones in the movie!

Speaking of pandas, you can join the WWF Panda Nation to start your own fundraiser in fun ways like walking or running with your pet, be part of a team or set up a birthday/celebration fund in your name and instead of receiving gifts, you raise money for your favorite endangered species!
Next weekend there will also be a march for climate you can learn more about here
Or you can apply to become a panda ambassador here
If becoming actively involved is not your thing there are still little things you can do in your everyday life that will help the earth, yourself and possibly your wallet in the long run.
- Walk or bike to places more often.
- Group as many of your errands as possible to same areas to avoid several car trips back and forth.
- Switch to energy efficient light bulbs, they might be more expensive up front but last forever and your electric bill will go down.
- Ditch the polluting and hazardous plastic bags and bring your own cute reusable bags when shopping.
- Drink tap/filtered water to avoid plastic bottles, but if you can't then remember to ALWAYS recycle them responsibly. If your town doesn't recycle, a lot of large grocery stores do it for free, you can bring your recyclable trash to Target, Whole foods and Stop and Shop, or google your local chains that offer recycling bins. No need for the hassle of driving to a plant and having to pay to be green πŸ˜‰ 
- Compost when you can.
- Don't buy more food that you can eat, who wants to throw food and money away?
- Switch to rechargeable batteries and dispose of regular batteries at responsible places like or similar, don't throw them away with your regular trash.
- Try buying sustainable or recyclable only household products.
- Try minimizing your animal-based consumption in your diet. Animals are friends not food.
And here's the surprise one that no one mentions but it does make a difference:
If you are an energy healer of any sort send healing to the planet and the animals,  if you aren't prayers and good vibes whenever you can remember work too! Also, if you're having a bad day, you're in pain or in general feel any bad vibes in your body or energy field, let them go into the Earth or a nearby tree, set the intention of having whatever is bothering you leave your life for good and give it up to nature with the intention of that energy being transmuted into the Highest and Best. It's like composting for your energy!

Hope everyone has a happy Earth Day and that even if it's just watering a plant outside your home we all do something to help our planet feel loved after all it does for us. Don't take it for granted! I know a friend that is more science-inclined and is attending a science rally for those areas of science that do care about our future and what happens to our planet, some people in town are holding an energy circle to send healing to the planet, another friend sent her potted trees to be plated out where they have space and benefit everyone and a couple of other friends have been working on personal gardens to help out pollinators, kudos to them honestly, I'm so terrified of bugs I could never do something like that, but it comes to show that whatever your interests are there is something out there you could do and enjoy that will help our home planet, even shopping! Check these awesome people that channel their art and creativity into upcycled wonders that help our planetπŸ˜ƒ


Love and Light

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