Monday, December 19, 2016

A Very Belated November's Inside the Theme

The end of the year is a very busy season and the ladies running the IGGPPC seem to have their hands full, so there haven't been any Inside the Theme "official" questions posted for November and December, usually I would just skip the theme, especially with everything I have on my plate, but November's Theme was all about Disney!! I was very excited for November and kept waiting and waiting to participate as much as possible, but not a lot happened and the few things they did have, I couldn't make them work with my schedule. However, I couldn't pass the chance to write about Disney!! Even if it's not part of the official thread and it's a month behind.
Each month, the community has the usual Inside the Theme blog posts where everyone answers the same questions and on twitter they ask other related questions every Wednesday and Friday. So I went on Hose Quinn's twitter feed to hunt for these "extra" questions so I'd have something to share with you, and here they are :D

Who is your favorite Disney character?
Well, most of these questions are very hard, as how can I choose just one?! But Donald Duck is my number 1! Tinkerbell and Ariel are tied for a very close second place but almost everyone else is very close after <3

Have you ever been to a Disney theme park,  or do you have plans to go to one?
I grew up pretty much in the Florida parks. As a matter of fact, the Disney parks are all that's left of my childhood home. The house and school I grew up in are gone and my family and friends have scattered, so Disneyworld is home to me. I also grew up going to Disneyland in California about every two years and I still do especially for the D23 events, and I've also been a couple time to Disneyland Paris. My plans to go to Disney Tokyo got thwarted by cancer a couple years ago but all Asian Disney parks are somewhere in my near future :D

What is your favorite Disney Movie?
The Lion King will always be number one. but Brother Bear, Lilo and Stitch, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Ratatouille, Princess and the Frog and now Moana are not far behind! Have you all seen Moana by now? It's SO good! It totally restored my faith in Disney. After all the commercialization they have given themselves to, the bad animation even with classics like Mickey and friends (heart break emoji here,) and all the invasion of Star Wars and Marvel that do not share the same values Walt created, I was getting really scared for the future, because who am I without Disney? But Moana made everything better and my identity crisis is over :P If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? It's so good you can almost forget it's CGI, it feels almost as magical as real hand-drawn animation <3 

What is your least favorite Disney Movie?
It's so hard to admit to not liking a Disney movie that much, and it has just happened twice ever! The first was Valiant because it didn't hold up to Disney standards and even they have been very good at hiding that icky bit of history, we all make mistakes after all right? And the second time was The Good Dinosaur, again the animation isn't up to parr, it looks more like a Dreamworks film which is not the quality I expect from Disney and the story is pretty much a rip-off from the Lion King with some twists like the annoying human kid. It was very disappointing :(
See how disappointed Donald is by this films? lol

Is there a Disney cosplay you've loved or would love to do?
I'm not great at full-on cosplays. I've done young animated Maleficent and Evil Queen though and both times was a lot of fun. I've also done the way more casual closet-cosplay version of Donald, Kim Possible, Minnie, Figment, Anna, Olaf and Ariel. I would love to do Tink and Aurora in the pink dress but I look terrible as a blond! :-/
Disneyworld and Disneyland respectively 

Which Disney Movie did you learn the most from?
All of them! I grew up only on Disney for a very long time, I keep discovering things that were clearly hidden in my subconscious mind, coloring the way I see and react to life. I apparently even learnt to dance from Disney characters. Voice inflections, drawing style, adventure sense and what that looks like, a need for animal sidekicks and looking for guidance from my ancestors, talking to the Ocean, believing in magic... As mentioned before, I am all Disney, my identity is completely intertwined with the world Walt created <3

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