Sunday, June 19, 2016

Transitioning Upwards!

Another month almost over and I have no idea where time has gone, how does this even happen?..

This month has been a really interesting one and seemed to just be building off the energies of last month. My social life dropped down to zero! And still it was one of the busiest months yet. Ever since my apartment flooded energies have been moving and redirecting themselves. 
I seem to be in a transitional period again and, talking to my few Spiritual friends, they’ve all noticed that recently.

The influx of creative energy that washed over me last month intensified throughout June and a lot of old art projects have been getting finished and new ideas born. I also tried new techniques and crafts that could eventually, potentially become something. 

A restless energy has also been lingering around making me itch for adventure. I want to go somewhere, anywhere! Try new things, make a change of some sort. I noticed this amongst my friends too, It could be the energies of the solstice influencing us but whatever it is, there is something in the air…

As part of this transition state I'm in, I’ve become more attuned with the seasons, my sleep patterns adjust to each season lately but now that the warmer months are here it’s more obvious, since I get tired and uninspired on cloudy, cool days and can’t wait to take over the world on sunny days (which is extremely weird for me.) My body seems to also be changing with the season, I’m tanner and my hair curlier without me even going outside! It’s very interesting to notice all these changes in oneself.
Of course as with any other transition I’m “losing” a lot of friends again. I’m not too worried since I go through this every few years. Of course there are the souls that stay with me no matter what and for them I am always deeply grateful, but most of them live very far away from me and my local "new" friends are the ones usually rotating. I started the year with about 10 friends, now most of them have transitioned themselves into acquaintances or occasional friends to go out with while the rest have totally disappeared, only one or two have remained true friends. Like I said, with every transition this happens and it makes sense since, with every transition you change, your interests and priorities change and you suddenly can’t connect to people in a different "wavelength" no matter how much you care about them, it's almost as if magically there's nothing to talk about for either party. But the fact that I understand the why or that it’s happened before doesn’t make it that much easier. I still long for a tribe of souls where we are all on the same page and can play together without judgement and lift each other up. 

Has anyone else found themselves in a recent transitional state and has had some of these “symptoms”? I’d love to hear thoughts and experiences! :)

Of course on the positive side of things my beautiful, generous pen-pals have kept that need for human connection and friendship fulfilled.  But why can’t they live close to me so we can hang out for real?! Lol 
Also as usual if you ask and fully trust in the Universe you will receive!  My sense of adventure has been satiated by having to go to a destination wedding (my cousins’s) and even though the situation makes me sad I get rewarded by  going somewhere haha and more importantly seeing some family I haven’t seen in years! As well as spending some days in DisneyWorld with my guy bff! Since he’s between 2-10 years old and I’m 5 it’s gonna be the most perfect time ever!! So thank you Universe for listening to my pleas and manifesting so fast <3 <3

Also I was featured in a Fine Art blog on a post about wild life photography! Check it out here

So I guess what I can take out of this month is to go with the energies and don’t resist changes and transitions, There was a reason for that “adventure” vibe as it got manifested twice in very different ways. And the transition makes me a better healer and intuitive by being tuned into the seasons and their energies and by phasing people out that don’t resonate with me to make room for those to come. In the meantime things balance out in life always and since I didn't have a lot of social contact at the beginning of the month I get to finish its last week surrounded by those few souls that have always been there for me and are my true family whether it’s by blood or not. 

Love and Light to all of you and happy 4th of July!  

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