Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Inside the Theme

Yay Halloween! The most amazing, bestest, magical and magickal time of the year! I have to say, this Halloween month has gone by way too fast! And I'm really excited and really depressed the actual day is almost upon us and then we'll have to move on to normal months :( But to keep me focused on the positive here's this month's IGGPPC Inside the theme

1) Just empty your mind! What kind of sugar coated treat or mascot would form the giant ectoplasmic monster if you were in ghostbusters?
Candy corn! Because then it would be terrifying (I do not like the taste of candy corn, yuck!) And also it would look perfect for the season :D

2) It came from the swamp! What classic Halloween or vintage horror monster is your favourite and why?
I have to say Dracula by far. I'm not a big fan of most of his movies, but when I was littler I was obsessed with vampires! Obsessed enough to want to study demonology lol. And from classic Literature, horror novels, Dracula is definitely my favorite. Funny enough the only Dracula movie I really like is Dracula 2000 from what I vaguely remember haha, but i do enjoy other vampire movies, even if I don't want to hang out with them and study them anymore eek! :P

3) What spooky fairy tale, or campfire ghost story still makes you jump?!
I don't remember any one in particular, I know the original Grimm tales are pretty dark and creepy, thank goodness for Walt coming along to make fairy tales beautiful and filled with Light. But I don't jump because of the Grimm tales haha. From pre-school to the end of grade school my friend Elizabeth was always telling me scary stories, she swore they all happened to her, most of them at her family's weekend house which made them so much worst, those ghosts were mean! LOL Now a days I hardly come in contact with scary stuff, but things that end up being true and close to home are the worst for me, like the one about that evil doll they just made a movie out of in the past couple years? You know the one that is actually a real doll in a museum in CT? That one makes my skin crawl!

4) Box of horrors. The closet door rattles… But we all know a great wizard can make the scariest things ridiculous! How would you diffuse your bogart?
Ok, I'm not into HP at all, so I actually had to google this one. And if I did my research correctly, my bogart would be any kind of bug or all of them EEEWW!! So I guess the best way to turn them into something ridiculous would be to turn them into the animal that eats that kind of bug, a funny looking lizard for example, but as they look around each other all they see is lizards without realizing it's them, so they're just scaring themselves and not me! Yes that sounds like fun! :D Haha

5) Send a care package to the monster under your bed, in your closet or wherever he is. What do you include in yours?
Everyone knows monsters live in closets! Well they don't live there but that's where they come from into the bedroom! Haven't you all seen Monsters Inc.? So to a regular monster I would probably just send Love and Light so it would never return. But to a friendly one, I'd include a fun card, iggles love snail mail, some snacks so it won't decide to eat me, some fun reading material, because being cooped up in the closet all night might be boring and if I could get my hands on any of the goodies they "sell" at the vending machines and news kiosks at any of the Monsters attractions at the Disney parks, then those! I'm guessing any monster would appreciate delectables and fun goodies from Monstropolis, even if they're not from there themselves :)

And there you have it. Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween Day and a blessed Samhain!!

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