Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween! A month in Pictures

A super happy Halloween to all of you!
It's finally here, the best day in the entire year! Of course for a lot of us, Halloween is a month long Holiday, but today is the most special day of the month.
But while I'm out Halloweening in town I'll leave you with some fun pics somewhat journaling my month. 
It's been extra eventful this years since there were two photography challenges I participated in, a Disney one and the one I cohosted for the IGGPPC with a fellow iggle Hilde :) And on top of that, there were non-stop Halloween and fall fun events to truly celebrate the season. All happening between school and photography show prep haha, but you know, I have priorities! ;)
Happy New (non gregorian calendar) year!!!

Halloween !st Salem Food Truck Fest

Halloween 6th Haunted Happenings Parade! Yay!

Halloween 8 Jack'O Lanterns and ghost stories at Salem's 1600s Pioneer Village

Halloween 11 Apple Picking and a corn maze in NH!

Halloween 15 My very first Ren-Faire at King Richard's

Halloween 16 and 19 I traveled to CT and NYC respectively first to meet a fellow iggle and other members of GGB at the Glastonbury Harvest Fest and then to drop of my photos for my gallery show and catch Matilda on Broadway :D

Halloween 23 I went to check Boston's floating of the jack'o lanterns at the Frog Pond but it was sadly, very disappointing with very few pumpkins and no floating around the pond at all :( ergo this lonely picture...

Halloween 25 went for some beautiful Fall and Halloween fun to Ingaldsby Farm 

Halloween 28 I kicked off Halloweekend by going to Rise of the Jack'O Lanterns which was amazing!

Finally Halloween 30 was supposed to be the day of the Silent Disco out on the street but it got cancelled due to rain :( But we didn't get that dampen our Halloween spirit and went out anyway. 

And now it is finally THE day, so while I'm out getting the last pictures (and adventures) of the month, here are both of my 31 day-picture challenges: 

#Iggletober created by Hilde and co-hosted by yours truly 

#FallIntoDisneyStyle by Disney Style

You can check both hashtags on instagram and see bigger versions of my shots here.
And there you have it, a month in pictures. Hope you all have a magickal Halloween full of treats and a beautiful Novemeber <3

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