Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Peace Day!

©Bree Castillau

Yay today is Peace Day! And for some reason it’s become very important to me this year. Something about it deeply resonated with me this time, to the point I felt compelled to create an image for it and share it in the form of a postcard with all my friends around the world. By now, I've almost mastered not questioning why things get stuck in my system and just go with the flow, so I did. And the image above is what came to me, with the feeling that Love and Peace for everyone is the only dream we need to collectively catch...

I don't know what it is, but there's something about 2016's Peace Day, because even In my town there is going to be a specific, super fun gathering to celebrate it this evening! I'm definitely not missing out on it, we will focus around a sacred drum circle to spread peace and healing around the world.  We’ll begin with a candlelight ceremony to build our intentions for healing and harmony across the globe and after the drumming, we will be in a peace meditation with crystal singing bowls. I know this is a little "out there" for a lot of people, but it's right up my alley and sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Peace and spend the last official full day of Summer <3

Honestly, much as Earth Day, Peace day should be celebrated every day, but it's so easy for most of us to get caught up in our daily lives and forget about sending loving thoughts to the planet on a daily basis, that it’s nice to get at lest a yearly reminder to stop and focus on creating the world we want to live on, even if just for a day. Collective positive thoughts on Peace and tolerance do make a difference. 
Image from Elizabeth Harper's

I guess now that my pen-pal friendships have deepened and I've met so many new people around the globe who are all trusting in each other, opening the hearts to be generous and get to know other cultures without judgement or limitations, make Peace day resonate more with me now than it’s done before. Because despite of what people are saying about the negativity of 2016, all I’ve felt is Peace, Love and Acceptance from people who have never even met me in person and from those loved ones around me. And I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate that. 

What does Peace mean to you? How do you envision world Peace?

Oh and before I forget, Happy Fall Equinox everyone! Halloween season starts in 9 days and I couldn't be more exciting for all the Fall fun and Halloween magic coming up. Hope you all have a wonderful start of the season now that the energy is fully shifting and we're moving out of the latest retrograde!!

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