Monday, April 25, 2016

Agape Love

This month I've felt like I’ve been super busy and don’t even know what with… But for whatever reason I’ve really neglected my blogging. The only real adventure I had this month was at the very beginning when I went to Vermont for spring-break with my cousin and some more family members. 

It was so much fun but it was also very illuminating. Before I went on vacation we had just covered in school the importance of Agape love. That real, unconditional, transcendental love that is less about “I love you because…” and moves through “I love you in spite of,” to get to “ I just love you, always.” 
Unfortunately in our society we’re not used to this kind of love, romantic love is pursued above all else and is thought of as the best kind, which is sad, because that is one of the most conditional loves there are, and then we take for granted or see as “incomplete” all other forms. That is not to say Agape love cannot be achieved in a romantic setting, it is just not it's nature and you really have to work at it.

Agape love is what we should all aspire towards and even though it is the most rewarding, biggest and most beautiful form of love, it’s also testing. 

Being an only child I’m not used to having a lot of people around. I’ve always wanted a T.V.-like big group of friends but I’m rarely in groups bigger than three and my family is tiny by Italian standards haha! So in this adventure, going on a road-trip with six people in the car was super chaotic for me. Simple things like trying to get a conversation going that included everyone, deciding where to go all together or what the rules of a game were was messy to say the least; and at times I felt invisible and unwanted and that brought up a lot of self-esteem issues I still need to work on. But at the end of the trip once we all settled into each-other's energies, all compromised, agreed to disagree and didn’t judge each other, not only did we get to know each other better, but I feel we bonded even more <3 That agape love became apparent, it clicked for me that’s what it was in a larger extent and shone light into the things we each need to work on to be better versions of ourselves, including showing that unconditional love to ourselves first. 

Overall a wonderful vacation with integrated homework I didn’t become aware I was doing until I saw us all be a unit
and felt my heart expand. Agape love= I love them not because they're my family, but in spite of our different believes, interests, contexts and ideas of what family is. My soul loves each of their souls just because. And this was my most important lesson this month, maybe not a new one, but definitely one that at least I used to take for granted ;)

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